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Diwali Activities Ideas

Diwali Cards Making Crafts – Find out how you can easily make your own Diwali Cards using card stock of different colors, cloth scraps and glitter glue.

Diwali Diva Lamp Crafts Activities for Kids – Follow these instructions and learn how to make a beautiful Diwali Diva Lamp.

Diwali Diyas Arts & Crafts Ideas – Make some Diwali Diyas (small lamps) to use at your Diwali celebration.

Diwali Door Hanging – Kids can easily make this Diwali door hanging using the free printable templates, coloring pencils and pens.

Diwali Doorway – Kids can make this special Diwali door hanging using a few materials.

Diwali Footprints – Celebrate Diwali by making these colorful footprints with your children.

Diwali Paper Lantern – Make a few Diwali Paper Lantern decorations for your Diwali celebration.

Glass Painted Candle Holder – Make this candle holder from a recycled small glass jar, craft wire and glass paint.

Lights in the Dark – This is the perfect craft for kids to do on Christmas, New Years, Kwanzaa, Chanukah or Diwali

Mendhi Hand Designs – Make your own Mendhi hand designs for Diwali using white card, felt-tip pens, sequins or glitter.

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  1. Diwali is the festival of lights and celebration. Spread the festive spirit among your friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues and loved ones diwali greeting

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