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Which is the best garage door opener

Which is the best garage door opener

The quietest of all the garage door openers is the belt drive type. Despite seeming flimsy and delicate, the rubber belt is reinforced by steel for durability. Belt drive models also provide virtually maintenance free operation, but often times cost more than their chain driven counterparts.

If cost is the primary concern, then the chain driven openers are the least expensive to purchase. While chain driven models are the least expensive and the most common to find throughout the majority of homes, the durable construction is a long proven method for opening a door. These particular units usually require more routine attention as the opener ages. For more  great garage door openers see our list of top choices.

The second main feature to be examined is if the opener is able to accept remote keypads and operate with a battery backup. A few openers on the market are not able to accept additional components, but these models are usually found at the bottom of the pricing scale. A large number of automatic door openers include keypads and extra transmitters. A few openers include a backup battery which will allow the continued automatic operation i the event of a power outage. Starting at the high end of the mid-ranged price point openers also allow the transmitter to operate more than one garage door or gate for convenience.

The most important feature of any garage door opener, however, is the horse power rating. Carriage gates or solid wood construction will determine what rating of opener to buy. Should the garage door be constructed from steel, fiberglass or wood composite, a 1/2 horse power rated garage door opener should be sufficient. For maximum longevity and superior lifting capabilities, a 3/4 horse power opener should be considered.

Once a garage door opener has been chosen, it is recommended to have it professionally installed. While the typical home owner may be handy with a screwdriver and hammer, installing a garage door opener can be an entire day or weekend project of back and neck straining work. A professional installer will have the equipment and experience to make quick work of any joist or ceiling reinforcement necessary and install the opener in the least amount of time possible.

Maintain Online Privacy Using This Steps

Maintain Online Privacy Using This Steps

Many of you probably already heard of this woman, Jenny, who quit her job in a rather general way – through photographs and a dry erase board. Despite the laughter of this situation and afterward finding out it was an elaborate hoax, common individuals should take warning of what they do online.

Type in the question “Facebook shooting” in Google. Surprised at the number of people terminated because of the actions on a social networking website? I sure as Hell was. Firings of individuals posting on Twitter or Facebook has happened multiple times. Lots of ordinary people being canned for what they thought was private ranting.

online privacy

People feel comfortable posting any sort of content, presuming that their message is only adapting to intimate friends and family. Regrettably, those articles will be the equivalent of a sandwich board and megaphone on a street corner. As a business it’s important to also monitor what your employees do online. An unhappy customer expressing his/her concerns is bad enough, but no matter how you look at it, negative remarks from an employee just look horrible.Before you do any online activity make sure that your online privacy is not being compromised.

The line between what is private and what is public online is becoming increasingly blurry. Therefore I will throw this out Actual Talk style. Below I’m going to outline what youpersonally, as a person and as a business, should do to protect yourself in the digital jungle.

For the Individual:

So you’ve had a tough day in Crappy Job, Inc and then choose to go home and also release a little steam on the ole Facebook. Regrettably there might be consequences based on the circumstance and perceived goal of any posting you do. Don’t believe your job is worth tracking? Everybody from business professionals to waitresses are fired. So what steps can you take to keep your opinion and occupation?

Set up Privacy Preferences:

This may work out exactly the same as trying to make a submarine with net wiring; still it is a step which needs to be completed. Facebook is generally known for its lax behavior in regards to maintaining security criteria. Knowing that placing up privacy settings is the equivalent to locking a door in a glass house, they ought to nevertheless be done since it is going to keep the computer illiterate and idle away from the own information. Still, as soon as you understand how public a forum like Facebook is you may, hopefully, be reserved in your posting.

Do not show company Info

Creating some space between you and your employers may be a route you deem appropriate. If your job does not require you to have an internet presence, then not submitting your information provides a pleasant disconnect between your private and professional life. But, employers have fired employees over content that they wrote about on social networking sites without actually naming their company. Social Networking is a lot like the Wild West at this stage. The legislation are grey and lots of the property is untrue. So I will state, once again, that social networking sites are fairly transparent and even if you don’t state specifics about a company you might still be soliciting a pink slip. This measure is moot when you’ve set up and keep a LinkedIn account. See where I’m going for this?

Take note

I realize that I’m beginning to get a little repetitive. Good. The more conscious you are that most companies are, or will be, monitoring what you do and say on these websites will enable you to effectively estimate how you want to be seen. The best strategy is to structure your online persona in a professional way when making sure never to disclose any information about your work. The actions you take on these sites will reflect your existing position at your job and in the future with other prospective employers.
For Firms

By clearly outlining proper practices in regard to internet behaviour you will eliminate any gray areas that might come up. These policies ought to be an extension of your normal Business Conduct Guideline made applicable to the internet world. Figuring out common sense when presenting information in addition to specific issues that might just occur in your company or business. You can’t stop folks from posting and contributing to content online, but by setting up honest guidelines that encourage online use your company can help to create a greater online presence throughout your employees. IBM has set up a great Online Privacy Policy qualified Social Computing Guidelines that’s well worth emulating.

Set up a Reputation Tracking Dashboard

If you don’t yet have a dash you need to regardless of your workers’ actions. The capacity to observe the way your brand and company is performing online is essential to understanding your marketplace while quickly responding to any issues customers may have expressed through online means. Setting up a dashboard is easy and can be installed within a few hours. Setting up a particular feed to follow all employees that compose blogs is just another measure a business can take to monitor workers’ adherence to the Online Privacy Policy that the organization has instated.

Whether you’re an individual or company, understanding the importance of the relationship between the two online personas is essential. If done correctly a corporation will have the ability to leverage their workers into a cohesive online unit with multiple pursuits all after a comprehensive Online Privacy Policy. Knowing that current/potential companies often use these sites to create hiring/firing decisions will allow you to make a professional internet presence of which you may be proud.

Test Match Cricket

Test Match Cricket

Listed below are seven things that differentiate Test Match Cricket in another kinds of the sport.
The purist consider this is the ideal type of this sport as it provides both teams the chance to display their abilities and demands a lot of concentration and creativity.

You will find just two innings each side. From the Test Match each group receives the chance to bat twice. But in a case in which a team is made to “follow”, the opposing team could just bat after.
There aren’t any limitations on field placings You will find more than half conventional field placings along with the group Captain can put his men in virtually any mix of those. He might occasionally embrace some unorthodox placements. Check latest Ipl Match predictions
The players wear white clothes Both groups wear all white clothes. White tops, long or short sleeved, white trousers, socks, boots or shoes and sweaters. The single color worn is that the team colours on the group caps.
The sight displays are white. Sight displays are big regions positioned at each end of the area behind the batsman. Their objective is to provide the batsman a very clear sighting of the bowlers arm and the ball since it’s bowled. The cricket ball is around, encased in white leather and hand woven. It could be up to eight inches in circumference but less than 8.8125 inches. It may weigh between 5.5oz and 5.75ounce.

There are 3 potential outcomes to the match. Test Match cricket is very exceptional in the arena of sport since it’s a game which may be played with no result being attained at the conclusion. There are 3 possible results to a Test Match: a win, a tie, or even a draw. When both teams end on the exact same score then there’s a tie. The very first incidence of the rare phenomenon occurred at Brisbane throughout the West Indies 1960 excursion to Australia. A game is supposedly drawn if there’s not any prospect of an outright win by either group.

These are merely a few of the things which differentiate Test Match Cricket in another kinds of Cricket.…

The Benefits of Using Power Tools

The Benefits of Using Power Tools

Paint rollers have mainly made handles manufactured from timber or plastic making it clean to connect an extension handle and a plastic or metal body that holds the roll cover first-rate and cozy. curler coves are made from an assortment of materials, which include mohair, lamb’s wool, Dynel, polyurethane foam, or acetate. The roller cowl you need to apply might be determined by the sort of paint you will be the usage of, and most roller coves might be labeled indicating the kind of paint it’s far to be used for. Rollers are an vital thing of any residence painting equipment package.


The first-rate invention in residence painting tools recently are the airless sprayers. it’s miles an simply splendid time saver, as a ways as residence portray gear are involved. it can follow paint on any surface quicker than different methods. you may also attach a electricity curler to an airless prayer, permitting you to use paint quicker and bring great effects. For a exceptional high-quality finish and extra control, not anything beats the brand new HVLP Sprayers.

painting your fence every few years is a brilliant way to spruce up the appearance of your yard and extend the lifestyles of the fence. different kinds of fences require one-of-a-kind techniques of painting.


Your previously painted timber fence will need to be touched up every yr or two, or absolutely repainted. either way, these fences regularly have offset forums that defy best handheld sprayer ordinary painting techniques and are usually fabricated from difficult lumber. The paint tool of desire must be a sprayer.


previous to portray you should prepare the fence via scraping away any flakes and chips.


if your fence isn’t too massive, a hand held cup sprayer would paintings, those generally have a quart size reservoir. For a larger fence, refilling a quart size reservoir could turn out to be tiresome. as an alternative, bear in mind renting an airless sprayer with a suction tube that can be used with any length box.

The Exquisite Sunflower Tattoo: Sunlight on Your Skin

The Exquisite Sunflower Tattoo: Sunlight on Your Skin

Although most people will often choose a tattoo for its aesthetic appearance, there is a story behind every tattoo. This story is what makes the wearer get that tattoo so that they can have something to remember that particular thing for eternity. Sunflower tattoos just like any other tattoo come in different types and designs. The meanings of these tattoos are also as many as the designs if not more. Knowing the various meanings associated with this tattoo will help you decide whether to get one or not.

Sunflowers are a symbol of the wearer’s personality and those who choose to have a sunflower tattoo over the many other designs available what to show their optimism in life. People with this type of tattoo tattoo ideas | are thought to be jovial, bright and adaptable. These people believe in living life to the fullest and always being as happy as the sunflower. People with this tattoo are also thought to be down to earth and will stay connected to their roots even if they come across immense success or wealth.

The sunflower is known to be a symbol of constancy, and so it can be used to show things that one would wish to last for infinity. Examples of some of the “until infinity” that this tattoo can be used to represent include; everlasting friendship, constant loyalty, and also remembrance. Many people will also get this tattoo to remind them of a loved one who passed away and so that they can emulate some of his or her positive traits. When drawn for this purpose, this tattoo will symbolize an eternal bond between the wearer and the person that the tattoo is supposed to represent. Family and friendship ties are the two most common bonds that sunflowers can represent.

A sunflower tattoo can also be used to show that the wearer is waiting for the return of a loved one. This meaning is drawn from the Greek lore of Clytia and Helios, the god of the Sun. According to the story, the two were separated by some stressful situations in life and so Clytia was always looking at the sun waiting for her love to return to her. She was then transformed into a sunflower so that she could continue staring at the sun for eternity. Due to this one can have this tattoo to show that they are staring at the sun waiting for a loved one to return.

In some cultures, the sunflower tattoo can be used to show the worship of the sun god. In Aztec and Native American cultures, the sun god is represented by the image of the sunflower. Having this image inked on you might be used to mean that you have faith in the sun god, or you worship him. Other meanings that are associated with this type of tattoo include faith, focus, vitality, healing, good luck and nourishment. However, just like any other tattoo the sunflower can mean anything that you want it to say as the wearer.

The Best Colors for Sunflower Tattoos

Color matters a lot in any tattoo that involves flowers and no matter how good the design might be if you go wrong with the color choice your tattoo may end up looking awkward. Contrary to what most people might think there are many color options to choose from for your sunflower symbol. However, the following are the most popular ones and perhaps also the most attractive ones.

· Yellow: Yellow is the actual color of the sunflower and so choosing it will make the tattoo more realistic. However, there are different shades of yellow, and so you should be keen with what you choose. Most tattoo artists understand colors well, and so they should be able to get the right sunflower yellow for you.

· Pink: The Pink sunflower is a symbol of femininity. Although you will probably not find one in nature, some ladies would prefer to have their sunflower inked in pink rather than the usual yellow. Besides from the symbolic meaning that can be given to a pink sunflower it is also unique.

· Black: Black works well for this tattoo especially for those who do not like a very colorful tattoo. A black sunflower would be more ideal for men as it is not as feminine as the other colorful sunflower tattoos.

What Software Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Your Data Security Liability

What Software Companies Don’t Want You To Know About Your Data Security Liability

Today I received an email from a client. He had a question I have been getting a lot recently. In the software world, companies have been using this topic as a way to manipulate doctors into buying their software. It really bothers me because, as a doctor, I would be really upset if I knew how much exposure they were really costing me had I bought their deception.

Two types of systems

There are two types of systems. Cloud/Web based and client server.

  1. Client Server means the server and data is stored in the doctor’s office. Then other computers in that office connect to that internal server. Each computer and the server need to have the software installed on them. The software needs to be updated on a regular basis. Examples are Chirotouch and Platinum
  2. Web/Cloud means the server and data is stored in the cloud or more accurately, stored on a server that is in a data center connected to the doctor’s practice by the internet. In this case, the software itself is also stored on the same servers. You can think of it like quickbooks online version.

I want to own my data

Of course you do and you should. The lies start here. Some Client Server software companies have been telling doctors that if their data is on a cloud server they don not own it. There’s no other way to say it. It is a big fat lie. You always own your data. It doesn’t matter where the server is.

I want to keep access to my data

Again, of course. Client server companies have been telling clients for years, “if you ever leave that company you can’t access your data again”. It is a scare tactic, again a lie. If a company ever held your patient data and would not give you access to it, it would be illegal. By law cloud based systems must to store PHI (Protected Health Information) for 7 years or whatever is the legal requirement for that doctor’s state.

They will keep your data hostage

Maybe they are unaware, maybe it’s another lie, maybe they have no clue about running a business. Considering the other tactics I just discussed I have my own opinion.

The truth is we are all in business. Imagine what would happen from a PR standpoint if a cloud based system withheld access to a former client’s patient records. It just doesn’t make sense. In the age of Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets withholding access to a client’s data for no real reason, legal or not, would be just plain stupid. Most cloud based systems have a clause in their contract for the case where a former client needs to gain access to patient files.

Again, consider the alternative. You buy a new client server system. You use it for a few years. You decide to go in another direction. Maybe you choose to move to the cloud. 5 years later a patient has a legal case unrelated to your practice and they request records that were on your old client server system from 7 years ago. By law you are required to provide them.

You go into the dark recesses of your office where your old server is. Hopefully you still have a computer connected to the server. In any case you haven’t fired either of those babies up in 5 years! Who are you going to call? How will you get the records? What if the server doesn’t even turn on?

If you don’t have a computer hooked up to that server you’d need to do so. Will a new computer be compatible? It would need to have the software installed on it in any case. Do you think that old software company will actually give you a license? What if they were bought out in the meantime? (There’s a reason all of these client server systems are getting purchased by the way)

Outdoor projector enclosure for government projects

Outdoor projector enclosure for government projects

Many governments are investigating outdoor projector enclosure solutions, to get their marketing message out to the public.

Town and city officials are looking to use projectors to get marketing messages out to the public who put them in power. This can from local official meetings to informing the public of upcoming events such as festivals and outdoor cinemas.

ProEnc have been involved in 12 projects that have been used in Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Dubai to name a few and their solutions have ranged from a single outdoor projector enclosure to an outdoor projector tower that accommodated 8 Christie projectors in New Orleans. So let us look at the applications and what these government bodies are using this type of outdoor protection.

Single outdoor projector enclosure.

ProEnc supplied their standard outdoor projector enclosure, to be used as an outdoor movie cinema. A large Barco projector was used that was 20,000 ANSI lumens and costing $25,000. ProEnc’s enclosure came with an air conditioning unit that is thermostatically controlled.

Double outdoor projector enclosure.

Used to project images on a wall creating a video mapping solution, the main challenge with this application was the cooling. Here the air conditioning unit was double the normal capacity and the internal shelves had to be vented, to allow the hot air to rise through the enclosure and be exhausted out of the enclosure through ProEnc’s patent pending plenums.

Outdoor projector tower.

The housing accommodated 8 x Christie projectors in an outdoor high foot fall areas. This solution was used to video map up and down an entire an office block, prompting the local businesses.

Why ProEnc’s solutions?

All internal shelves are vented in a ProEncenclosure; this allows the air flow inside the enclosure to be muchmore efficient, compared to the solid shelves of our competitors. ProEnc found that solid shelves hold the heat and cause the projector to shut down prematurely – stopping the commercial event which will result in lost revenue.

Cooling and heating of outdoor electronics is one of the most important aspects when deploying outdoor electronics, this is why the BTU (heat dissipation) of the projector is doubled when the capacity of the air conditioning unit.

ProEnc’s enclosures can also be mounted to standard ceiling mounts, mounted to a wall or even mounted from rigging wires, perfect for music festivals.

Commercial projector security, ProEnc’s enclosure is the single enclosure that does not use cam or compression locks, the locks ProEnc’s use high security locks that cannot be picked or forced unlike com or compression locks.

ProEnc have over 23 years’ experience manufacturing outdoor projector enclosure solutions, contact them on (862) 234-5981 or visit


Composting A Natural Life Cycle

Composting A Natural Life Cycle

rather than stuffing present baggage with tissue paper, take hold of a pair present day scissors and a few old wrapping paper this is too small or too crumpled to reuse, and shred it to strips. you may also use an workplace shredder if you have one for extra uniform strips. Use those strips as bag or box stuffers, therefore reducing the want to purchase ornamental tissue paper – it’ll all grow to be in the rubbish can besides.

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– Wrap your gives in material. the japanese wrap parcels and affords in furoshiki – big cloth squares with beautiful designs that are bundled and tied around anything from bottles latest wine to trays trendy japanese candies. you could try and mimic this wrapping fashion by means of using a large bandanna or square piece latest scrap cloth.


Lay the prevailing diagonally in the center state-of-the-art the cloth, gather up two opposite corners and tie it into a rectangular knot, and do the equal with the closing two corners. The bandanna or cloth may be reused later by way of the present recipient, lessening the amount today’s waste headed to your local landfill.


– do not wrap your presents, duration! in case your present got here in a pleasing purchasing bag, simply add a private, handwritten gift tag and send it on its merry way. removing the item from a bag definitely to wrap it appears wasteful in case you think about the nevertheless beneficial bag being tossed into the garbage bin – which will be joined by the wrapping paper on soon after.

office stationery items are the must have add-ons for sizeable workplace operations. Even the ultra-modern with computer systems rely on various stationery items with very crucial roles to perform. these objects assist in carrying out a few critical workspace functions in an efficient and effective way.


As a business proprietor, you should survey and learn about the most usually used stationery objects in workspaces. manifestly, you would love to buy more quantity of these items from workplace stationery providers which might be in outstanding call for. So, here is a list today’s objects that a operating environment requires the most.



better route and a decent script. There also are examples in which the amalgamation of generation and massive stars has also failed because it lacked correct script, direction and performances. This remains to be seen with teen Patti as sometime we are left upset if the expectations are sky high.

Suicide is the third leading purpose of loss of life for the age group of 15-24. it’s miles the best reason of death for teens that has proven a sizeable boom considering that 2004. In fact, the upward push from 2003 to 2004 was over 18% and these days there may be said to be a teenager suicide every hour and 40-5 mins. Why is this happening and what can be performed to save you it?


Dr. Nancy Carroll, a teenager psychiatrist from Luca County Ohio, says “if you take a look at suicide in general, the belief is the commonplace denominator is hopeless, helpless ache – insufferable, intolerable ache, not being able to sense like they could tolerate it anymore.” in line with Dr. Carroll the most vital aspect a figure can do is talk to their children approximately the stressors of their lives. Be aware of the threat factors. Breakups in relationships, drinking, temper modifications, and depression are all most important hazard elements.


thoughts of suicide ought to constantly be taken critically and it is essential now not to decrease the emotions of the kids. supporting join them to assist is every other critical step in assisting them. it is critical to well known that taking note of your kids isn’t similar to listening to them. Listening shows you are determined to help and the youngsters understand the distinction. sometimes it is a distinction between life and demise.

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outside help is as critical for a few youngsters as having a determine concentrate to them.

Camera For Vlogging

Camera For Vlogging

while you buy a DSLR digital camera, you want to make sure you get the most bang in your greenback. whether you’re buying for your self or as a gift for a person else, doing some research can pass an extended manner in ensuring you get the first-rate digicam for the high-quality price. Our list of the nice DSLR cameras on the market ought to help making a decision which one goes to be first-class for you.Need best camera for vlogging .

The top 10 DSLR Cameras

here’s a brief rundown of the excellent DSLR cameras presently to be had.

Canon EOS rebellion XS – this is one of the most inexpensive Canons, however it does not skimp on strength or overall performance. if you want an access degree digicam, this is a excellent desire.Get what kind of camera do vloggers use .

best camera for youtube vlogging

Canon EOS rebel T2i – that is another entry degree camera from Canon, however it gives HD video, that’s turning into greater common, however for now it’s miles one of the best ones at this charge range to have it.
Nikon D3000 – this is a newbie DSLR digital camera from Nikon. It has the whole thing you want to take stunning pics, even if you don’t have plenty of abilities. the car-settings are exact, however there is enough guide settings to make more advanced customers glad.
Sony Alpha A230 – you may no longer think of Sony when you think of DSLR cameras, however they have got one of the least expensive newbie models. The stats are not too shabby either, making it a robust contender.
Olympus Evolt E520 – Olympus has made cameras for a while, however they’re notably new to DSLR cameras. they’ve a winner with this one.
Pentax K2000 – in case you are searching out a user pleasant DSLR digital camera, this ought to be on top of your list. it’s small and light weight, however effective and capable of get high-quality searching pictures.
Nikon D700 – For extra advanced photographers, this DSLR from Nikon has a hefty amount of capabilities, a terrific sense, and the exceptional of the Nikon logo name in the back of it. while no longer the most up-to-date DSLR around, you can probably find it for an amazing charge, leaving you extra money for a pleasant zoom lens.
LUMIX DMC-GF1 – if you are seeking out small, transportable, mild weight, but nonetheless able to take beautiful snap shots, you want to check out this Lumix. It even does HD video.
Nikon D5000 – This Nikon does HD video and nevertheless manages to make it clean to take clear, crisp and stunning nonetheless pics. Being capable of shoot video or excessive high-quality pix with the identical device is what makes this newer Nikon this type of excellent hit. With new Nikon models coming out in 2011, you may be capable of get the Nikon D5000 for a exceptional price in case you store around.
Nikon D90 – those looking for a high-give up camera for a good fee need to look at the Nikon D90 DSLR digital camera. This digital camera has a stable construction minecraft item ids