Outdoor projector enclosure for government projects

Outdoor projector enclosure for government projects

Many governments are investigating outdoor projector enclosure solutions, to get their marketing message out to the public.

Town and city officials are looking to use projectors to get marketing messages out to the public who put them in power. This can from local official meetings to informing the public of upcoming events such as festivals and outdoor cinemas.

ProEnc have been involved in 12 projects that have been used in Chicago, New Orleans, Dallas, Dubai to name a few and their solutions have ranged from a single outdoor projector enclosure to an outdoor projector tower that accommodated 8 Christie projectors in New Orleans. So let us look at the applications and what these government bodies are using this type of outdoor protection.

Single outdoor projector enclosure.

ProEnc supplied their standard outdoor projector enclosure, to be used as an outdoor movie cinema. A large Barco projector was used that was 20,000 ANSI lumens and costing $25,000. ProEnc’s enclosure came with an air conditioning unit that is thermostatically controlled.

Double outdoor projector enclosure.

Used to project images on a wall creating a video mapping solution, the main challenge with this application was the cooling. Here the air conditioning unit was double the normal capacity and the internal shelves had to be vented, to allow the hot air to rise through the enclosure and be exhausted out of the enclosure through ProEnc’s patent pending plenums.

Outdoor projector tower.

The housing accommodated 8 x Christie projectors in an outdoor high foot fall areas. This solution was used to video map up and down an entire an office block, prompting the local businesses.

Why ProEnc’s solutions?

All internal shelves are vented in a ProEncenclosure; this allows the air flow inside the enclosure to be muchmore efficient, compared to the solid shelves of our competitors. ProEnc found that solid shelves hold the heat and cause the projector to shut down prematurely – stopping the commercial event which will result in lost revenue.

Cooling and heating of outdoor electronics is one of the most important aspects when deploying outdoor electronics, this is why the BTU (heat dissipation) of the projector is doubled when the capacity of the air conditioning unit.

ProEnc’s enclosures can also be mounted to standard ceiling mounts, mounted to a wall or even mounted from rigging wires, perfect for music festivals.

Commercial projector security, ProEnc’s enclosure is the single enclosure that does not use cam or compression locks, the locks ProEnc’s use high security locks that cannot be picked or forced unlike com or compression locks.

ProEnc have over 23 years’ experience manufacturing outdoor projector enclosure solutions, contact them on (862) 234-5981 or visit http://www.lcdtvenclosure.com/outdoor-projector-enclosure