What qualifications do we translate?

What qualifications do we translate?

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Discounts for repetitions

Study documents relating to a student’s educational path you may encounter a certain percentage of repeats. For example in the report cards of five years of high school, or in the report cards of three years of middle school, it is clear at first sight that the document schema repeats itself: are the data on votes and hours of absence to vary, but the largest percentage of text remains the same in all the documents. Also in the document degree and Degree of the same student, issued at the University, you will see how some parts of the text are virtually identical.

Our agency offers custom rates for such eventualities: we take into account the repetitions in cost, and in front of the translation of repetitive documents (e.g. five report cards of the same student) we offer discounts relevant with an eye to the needs of our customers.

A second case that allows to apply heavy discounts is that you have to be translated more diplomas similar to each other, belonging to different subjects. Bringing your need in a unique quote request you will be surely impressed and satisfied by the great price that we offer.

As mentioned earlier, often translating documents of study need certified, with full legal validity. We will take care of everything thanks to our experience and specialization in certified translations.